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SOMYCE's history

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4. SOMYCE Officers.

SOMYCE commissions are independent working groups which perform observations and analysis of specific events in meteor and comet astronomy. Nowadays, four commissions are fully operational (visual observations, video-photographic, fireballs and radio-meteors). Data from other organizations or non-SOMYCE members are most welcome!


Visual and video Commission:
Orlando Benítez Sánchez: comisionvisual-at-somyce-dot-org

Fireball Commission:
Francisco Ocaña González: comisionbolidos-at-somyce-dot-org

Photographic Commission:
José Carlos Millán: comisionfotografica-at-somyce-dot-org

Radio Commission:
Enric Fraile Algeciras: comisionradio-at-somyce-dot-org

PRESIDENT-TREASURER: Orlando Benítez Sánchez.
SECRETARY: José Carlos Millán.

Other Council members:

Francisco Alberto Rodríguez Ramírez: somyce-at-somyce-dot-org

José Vicente Díaz Martínez (Facebook-Twitter webmaster):

Meteors editor: Orlando Benítez Sánchez.

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